Chapter 1
Microprocessor Operation
Chapter 2
Knowledge of Binary Numbers Prerequisite to Writing a Program
Chapter 3
H8/300H Series Overview, and H8/3048
Chapter 4
Writing a Simple Program in an Assembly Language
Aim of a lesson
4.1 CPU Internal Registers
4.2 Instruction Configuration
4.3 Adder Program
1. How to Develop a Source Program
2. Rules on Source Programs
3. Inserting Comments
4. How to Use .EQU Control Instruction
5. How to Use .RES Control Instruction
6. How to Use .DATA Control Instruction
4.4 Collating Sequence Test Program
Chapter 5
H8/300H Instructions and Addressing Mode
Chapter 6
Sample programming in an assembly language
Chapter 7
Exception Handling
Chapter 8
Parallel Data Input/Output
Chapter 9
Analog Voltage Input
Chapter 10
Analog Voltage Output
Chapter 11
Serial Interface (SCI)
Chapter 12

Chapter 13
Expanding Memory and I/O